Impact: After The Crash

The feature documentary, Impact: After The Crash, explores the horrific Carrolton, Kentucky bus crash of May 14, 1988, which killed 27 people (mostly children) and injured nearly three dozen others, making it the worst drunk-driving related accident in U.S. history. The Kentucky tragedy became nationally known, not only because of the devastation it caused, but also because this incident gave prominence to the then-fledgling national anti-drunk driving organization, Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Our documentary will take viewers back to that fateful night—including a dramatic and powerful recreation of the accident—and then explore how those who lost family and friends have over the years both suffered and recovered from their pain and losses. Bus crash survivor-turned-UK Football Star Harold Dennis provides the emotional center of our documentary, which will also reveal numerous other personal stories of loss and heroic rejuvenation, of fear and love, struggle and hope. The film will offer a stirring and compelling exploration of what it means to try to recover your life, when in an instant, everything is turned upside down.

As the minister who delivered the memorial message to survivors and relatives of those killed in the accident observed, the crash could become not simply a moment of destruction and loss, but a time of deliverance and new beginnings. For Harold Dennis, among several others, it did. Their courageous response to tragedy is an example to us all. Impact: After The Crash delivers that powerful message by following the lives of several survivors and kin who suffered deeply from the incident but found the will to begin their lives anew.

Directed by Kentucky's celebrated young filmmaker, Jason Epperson (On The Lot, Unrequited) and written and produced by Emmy-nominated writer and historian, Daniel Blake Smith (February One, Kentucky: An American Story), Impact: After The Crash tells a moving, universal story about the precariousness of life and the power of change.